Charlotte has been a mother for nineteen years, a wife for three decades, and a respectable community member her entire life. But when her only child is incarcerated for sexual assault, her once immaculate world is forever tainted. Selina Fillinger’s intimate new drama, Something Clean, follows one woman struggling to make sense of her own grief, love, and culpability.

A derogatory comment, a summit gone awry, an anal abscess—it’s a bad day at the White House. When the President unwittingly spins a PR nightmare into a global crisis, the seven women he most relies upon risk their careers, families, and freedom to save the day. Selina Fillinger’s female farce, POTUS: Or, Behind Every Great Dumbass Are Seven Women Trying to Keep Him Alive, is a riotous and irreverent look at sex and politics.

Susie Glenn, a white eighteen-year-old from the Chicago suburbs, was arrested at O’Hare International Airport for conspiring with ISIS. Recent Harvard Law grad and practicing Muslim Claire Fathi has been brought on to prosecute. Inspired by real court cases, Selina Fillinger’s crackling drama, Faceless, looks at two women fighting for justice in a world gripped by fear.